Google SEO
The work of search engine optimization means taking certain steps during the design of a website for the most used Internet search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo, find our website and indexed correctly in its results.
In this way, we’ll get the web page in the search results when an Internet user performs a search with certain words.
To do this, we must make decisions about what words we want to promote.
These words we use Google to find our website are called Keywords.
This type of search engine optimization is known as organic or natural optimization.
responsive design with HTML5 and CSS3

During the design of the website:

• Tasks for an initial search engine optimization using the Keywords selected by the customer during the development phase.
• Module to create and update automatically the file sitemap.xml
• Automatic notification of content changes to Google Search and Bing.
• Creation of the file robots.txt, necessary to the search engines list your website correctly.
• Integration of Google Analytics on the platform for measurement and collection of statistics on the use of the web application through a Google account created for the customer.

Google SEO

What happens when our website is already published?

Position in the search engine results depends not only on the work we do, but also to other websites that are competing to appear with the same words.
In this sense, the work does not guarantee the initial position since occupy our website in search engine results.
Once the project is underway, you should perform regular SEO tasks to improve results.



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