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We have set the shipping in Prestashop for our products. We tried to make a purchase and see that the shipping do not appear in the order. There may be several causes: 1. First, check in Shipping > Shipping  if you have selected a default carrier. 2. Check for Shipping > Carriers if each type of transport […]

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La revista Emprendedores ha publicado un interesante artículo sobre los puntos principales a tener en cuenta cuando interpretamos los resultados de Google Analytics para una web de comercio electrónico: Aquí podéis encontrar el artículo completo:  

Updated April 2016. In our online store developed with Prestashop we can establish various payment methods. Including PayPal. So that you can pay through this platform must install the module payment. PayPal will charge us a fee of approximately 3.5% per transaction. If we collect the surcharge to the customer at the time of payment, […]

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