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Diseño 3D con Blender

3D design with Blender

Blender is one of the best applications if you are intend on learning 3D design or virtual reality animation. Additionally, Blender is free and open source. You can download this software in official website for any platform (MacOS, Linux, Windows) and you will find there tutorials and forums to use it:   There are many […]

ipday2016 Propiedad Intelectual

On 26 April, on the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day, information sessions will be held about the new Spanish Patent Act. This new law equates the Spanish patent to the law internationally and to strengthen the system of national patents, establishing a legal framework that favors the truly inventive and innovative activity, implementing a […]

Online Training · Formación

e-learning for 2016

2016 begins with a wide range of online courses in areas such as Marketing, Advertising, Design and Programming. We have selected some of the more interesting online training centers. All courses are for free or with very affordable prices:   Free online seminars. IEBS Business School. A business school with a set of highly recommended […]

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