google analytics en Wordpress

Google Analytics on our WordPress website

Google Analytics is a powerful tool to view the statistics of our website and track user visits.

In this article we will see how to register an account with Google Analytics and how to enter the Google script to start using the statistics.

1. To create an account with Google Analytics, we will:

2. Click the button Create an account.

3. We can login with any Google account, like a Gmail account.

4. Once identified, we will see the screen to create a Google Analytics account:


Inicio Analytics

5. Click Register

6. Now, we will enter data into the form with information about our web. In the url field, we must put the domain without “www“.

7. Once you have filled out the form, click Get tracking ID.

8. We will paste the code displayed on our website.

9. This code should put at the top of the web (tag HEAD), just before the end of the section (before the </HEAD> tag).

We have two ways to paste this code on the web:

WordPress Admin Panel> Appearance> Editor

We search the header file (header.php) and paste the code just before the </HEAD>.

If you use an FTP client, you can also download the file header.php (in our theme folder) and paste the code in the same place. Then we have to upload the updated file by FTP to the server.


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