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White page error in a WordPress website

When you are editing a web WordPress, you may find this error: suddenly, trying to visit the website, the page is totally blank. Then try to enter the admin panel, but you can not. The page remains blank and does not show anything on the web.

When this happens, it is logical that we be scared. However, the solution is relatively simple:

This situation occurs by an error in system programming. Probably, we changed a line in PHP and now the browser can not load the web correctly.

Normally, we will see this error if we have modified one of two things:

1. The actived theme in our web.

2. The code of a plugin you have installed.

WordPress finds an error loading the theme or plugin that it must load, and it can’t continue displaying the web.


The solution is simple:

1. We access to server files by FTP.

If we were modifying the wordpress theme:

2. Find the theme folder (wp-content/themes/theme_name) and change the folder’s name.

Now we reload the web. Then, WordPress does not find the files for the theme and instead it will load the default theme.

We can already see the web (with a different theme) and enter the admin panel.

3. Now we should find the file that we modified and remove the latest changes. Or restore a previous version of that file if we have a backup.

4. Using FTP, you change again the name of the theme folder and put back its original name.

5. From Appearance > Themes, back to activate the theme you want to use. The web should now appear with its original design and fully operational.


If we were modifying a plugin:

2. At this point, we must seek plugin folder (wp-content/plugins/plugin_name) and change the name of folder.

Thus, WordPress can not load the plugin and the error will not appear. We can now access the system and resolve the error in the plugin. We should undo recent changes to the plugin.

Now we can put back the original name of the folder. WordPress will reload the plugin and it returns to work as before.

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