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We are creating the website for our company. Sure you want to appear it on Google and other Internet search engines.
The first question is:
What words I should choose to appear in Google?

The first step is to choose those words, that in SEO are known as keywords. Here are some ideas:


What words I would use to search my website?

This is the first question to ask. If, for example, we are creating a website to sell cameras, we should think: What will people write to find my cameras? SLRs? Automatic cameras? Compact cameras? Digital cameras?


What audience we headed?

Among the various options that we have, we must discard those that our customers will not write.

For example, I sell compact cameras but, everyone say “compact cameras”? People who are not familiar with the subject maybe not say “compact camera”. Instead they say “camera” or “digital camera” (although other cameras are digital too).


Where I will offer my services?

Well, we are clear that we want to appear with the words “digital camera” or “digital cameras”. Ok, but are we going to sell cameras in Sydney? And Hawaii? Maybe yes, if we have a online store and we sell around the world, but, if we have a little shop in Boston, we want to compete with all shops over the world?

In that case, perhaps better tune a bit using combinations like “digital cameras Boston” or “selling digital cameras in Boston”.


Which domain I should choose for my site?

The domain name (,, .ie or any other) is very important for SEO. Searchers understand that the words that appear in this domain are really the subject of our website. Therefore, when we go to register the internet domain, it’s better that this words appear in the name.

That is, instead of registering (the name of our company), better registering Beware, always bearing in mind that our domain is easy to write and has sense.


What title would wear?

The title of the web is one of the most important factors for positioning. Within the HTML code of the page is the text between the tags “title”. If you are using a content manager as WordPress or Prestashop, the title is the phrase that application asks you to describe your website. This sentence can be changed at any time from the administration panel.

Well, search engines read the first words of the title of the web and are quite important. But they give more importance to the first words. So better to use the title “Digital Cameras Lopez. Sale and repair” than “López company sale and repair of digital cameras.”

Remember, the first words are more important. And we do not want to be find by the last name, but by the words “digital cameras” or “selling digital cameras.”


What word combination is better for appear on Google?

When we choose our keywords, it’s important to note that it’s not as easy to come up with some words than others.

On the one hand, there are words that everyone wants to appear. In addition, there are words that most people use in their searches.

How can I know it? There are various ways. First, we can do a search on Google. As we begin to write “cameras …”, Google will offer a number of alternatives to complete the sentence. Well, those are the combinations of words most commonly used in these cases. We already have an idea of which words we should use.


Buscar en Google


But, of course, there are more companies competing to appear with the same keywords. What if we tried a different combination? You may have fewer searches, but will also be easier to appear in the results.

With this utility we can see which combinations of words are the most used and find ideas for our keywords:


keyword tools


Remember, we must choose words that best describes what we offer on our website. It makes no sense choosing words to appear in searches and then the user see that the page has nothing to do with that topic. Naturally, user will leave the site immediately.


What is my competition doing?

This is a good resource to get ideas. Doing a few searches on the Internet we can see how other companies are using keywords. This can serve two purposes: to try to do the same and compete with them or, conversely, to do different things and try to differentiate of them.

We already have a few criteria and some tools for choose the keywords of our website.

Here you can leave your comments and questions.

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  1. Ana Alcañiz says:

    Un magnífico post para los que empezamos a posicionar nuestra web. Voy a poner en marcha todos los pasos y os contaré los resultados. Gracias por esta información tan útil y fácil de seguir.

  2. Vicent Badia says:

    Muchas gracias Ana. Si tienes cualquier duda, puedes compartirla aquí. Así aprendemos todxs. ¡Un saludo!

  3. Agustín says:

    Muchas gracias por tu aportación. Has puesto en orden el proceso a seguir, y esto es muy útil, tanto para mi como para referenciar a clientes. COMPARTO.

  4. Vicent Badia says:

    ¡Gracias Agustín! Un saludo.

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